Design for millions. The HfG Ulm

On 26 of February 2020 the Spitäle presented the documentary "Design for Millions. The School for Design in Ulm". However, this School for Design that had become a myth, it only lasted 15 years, from 1953 until 1968. Along with the Bauhaus, this institution has successfully shaped the appearance of our modern age. The design created here is characterised by an aesthetic that is concentrated on pure objectivity and quite a few products have achieved world fame: The "Ulmer Hocker" by Max Bill and Hans Gugelot, the "Sinusaschenbecher" by Walter Zeischegg or the corporate identity of Lusthansa by Otl Aicher and his team, to name just a few. Nevertheless, this hopefull experiment of the post-war period was closed in 1968. As an introduction, the short lecture provided some background information that justified the closure of the School for Design in Ulm.