The Art of Design - The Shape of Art

The lecture took place in the context of Prof. Gerturd Nolte's exhibition "Messages Cursus noltae. Growing - Becoming - Working in Communication Design" and was devoted to the question of how creative reflection works in design and what links there are with art. What challenges do young, creative people have to face when they want to become a designer. Contemporary design moves in an extremely complex field of tension between creativity and production, art and industry, society and politics, and ideology and reality. Once emerged mainly from manual activities, the tasks in design have become immensely diverse and require interdisciplinary training. In addition to practical, creative activities, critical reflection is required in many fields. The repertoire of this profession also includes research skills and theoretical considerations, which are often inspired by other disciplines such as sociology, psychology or cultural and art studies. These integrative and interdisciplinary skills make contemporary design an extremely complex, but at the same time very future-oriented field, which is about finding solutions to very different problems through very different approaches. Understanding design as an open concept, i.e. open in the sense of openly towards other disciplines, also means interpreting the processes and approaches taking place here as expandable and changeable.