Artists write

Writing is an essential part of any artistic professionalism. During the studies, the focus is on precise, correct and educational language expression and academic writing. Here it is important to know and implement the basic rules of scientific formulation and citation. In later professional life, the text production ranges from application, CV, correspondence and statement to exposé, portfolio, catalogue and exhibition text.

Artists and designers are active in many areas of writing, such as social media, websites or enquiries to galleries to support an upcoming exhibition. In addition to artistic and creative practice, writing is an elementary tool that needs to be learned.

Which choice of words is appropriate for which context? What should be considered for academic text formats? How can you write down your ideas authentically and, above all, professionally, and argue convincingly? The course teaches multifaceted and practice-oriented techniques of reading, writing and writing. In addition to research strategies and writing styles, we experimentally, creatively and critically test completely different fields of text production, read and write in different genres, reflect, discuss and give each other feedback. Through the writing exercises, one learns to develop an elaborate scientific writing style, but also to develop one's own writing style and to implement writing projects independently.