Strategic Communication

Designers can contribute significantly to social developments, improve life situations or anticipate future challenges. Successful, innovative design requires problem-oriented and structured working methods. The examination of theories and methods from the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences allows a deeper penetration of topics and their implicit questions. Designers are faced with the task of developing strategies to optimize processes, reach goals and target groups, and generate intended social effects.

The seminar first provides an introduction to the basics of strategic communication. In addition to marketing communication, public communication and communication in the Internet and social media, the networking of communicative functions and the systematic planning of coordinated communication processes are key topics. Project-oriented, interdisciplinary and application-oriented students have the opportunity to test different strategic communication concepts and models on the basis of their own master projects. This involves a processual further development of projects, entrepreneurial thinking and the use of different media. Critical issues, social injustices and the values behind a design are also addressed.

The last three meetings will focus on strategic communication from the perspective of sustainability. This is intended to provide the basis for a reflective attitude towards a sustainable future. What can design contribute to the topic of sustainability and the associated social transformation processes?