Text & Design "What do you meme?"

What do you meme?

Text is an essential part of the design. Through the interplay of image and text, effective communication can be created and attention can be drawn. The fact that texts concretize the meaning of images, for example, is made clear by memes. We also encounter language and text in a wide variety of media, pop culture, daily events, podcasts, political messages and advertising. A brand cannot do without a slogan, a corporate design cannot do without a statement. In addition to the visual design, texting is an elementary tool that needs to be learned.

Which choice of words is appropriate for which context? What should you consider if you want to write down your ideas or convince them? What is storytelling? What scope does verbal communication offer and how can you meet the needs of your readers?

This course teaches you how to write in a multifaceted and practice-oriented way. We experimentally, creatively and critically try out completely different fields of text production, read and write in different genres, reflect, discuss and give each other feedback. At the same time, we bring our results into a creative form, which will presented at the "Bergwerk".