Speaking about Species Conservation on Campus

Stories of individual species in the sense of multispecies storytelling

With open eyes, the current extinction of species in our everyday lives can be observed everywhere. In the fields, in the gardens, in the woods, in the bogs, in the vineyards, there are endangered creatures. Nightingales, hares and partridges, for example, depend on extensively farmed land for survival. But lizards, butterflies and plants living on the university campus are also endangered. We invite you to speak with us in the autumn against the extinction of species and for the conservation of species on our campus. In view of the impact of the everyday practice of “telling”, Narrative Cultural Research, Econarratology and Ecocriticism assume that new narratives have a transformative power. Stories shape the world! Let us work out essential foundations for this!The workshop combines approaches of extinction studies with those of applied research of narrative culture. It is planned to make the stories of individual species experienceable in the sense of multispecies storytelling (Der Daisy).

Selected picture stories will be published from February 2025 on the homepage of the Chair of European Ethnology/Empirical Cultural Studies and the website of the THWS Faculty of Design. All interested students of the Faculty of Design of THWS, the European Ethnology/Empirical Cultural Studies, GSiK and other interested parties are invited to participate in this special offer.