Field research and Design I

The students learned about the ethnographic field research, its history and some of its methodological tools, such as the participant observation (Bronislaw Malinowski) and dense description (Clifford Geertz). Each participant received her personal fieldwork diary. In the course of the day, ideas, keywords, associations and memory protocols were noted down and drawings were made. In order to illustrate the workshops topic and to put it into practice, our subject of investigation should exemplarily be the "POSTER".

In the morning some ethnographic research methods were tested: research, interview and field research. During a walk through the THWS and the philosophical institute of the university, we examined posters, their design and effects. All the impressions were recorded in the research diaries. In addition, we took photos, discussed and analyzed. During the lunch break, we reflected what we observed while eating together. In the afternoon, we used creativity techniques to create our own drafts for a theater poster. "The Morphological Box" and "Eduard de Bono's Thinking Hats" turned out to be useful TOOLs for planning together the content and design of a poster prototype. The design implementation then took place using collages. At the end of the day, the ideas were presented and discussed in plenary.