Field research and Design II

In ethnology, the writing of scientific texts is still considered to be the most common form of presenting research results, although written standards are equivalent to those of visual anthropology. The documentary nature of Visual Anthropology are challenges for researchers and it is discussed in connection with visual representation and lack of anonymity. What other ways are there to adequately convey complex, detailed and multi-layered scientific findings?

This event brings together field research and design. The field research materials collected by the students during the project “Animal Human Relationship” are first viewed, interpreted and discussed in order to crystallize the essence of the respective scientific study. Afterwards, creativity techniques and design strategies are presented that are useful for exploring new issues and testing design processes. This is followed by an introduction to the genres of Graphic Novel, Collage and Zine, which impress with their visual style and the preservation of anonymity.

Afterwards, the participants can implement their project experimentally and according to their own priorities. In this creative process, the same precision must be applied as in written ethnography, since aesthetic, philosophical and ethical decisions must be made in the design process. It is about creating scientifically serious, credible results.